Innovative mobile app that
gives cryptocurrency users access to
the benefits of both centralized and
decentralized technologies in a single,
simple, secure, and easy to navigate an

Client & product

Blockbank is the simple, safe and smart way to take control of personal finances. No more
mediators, go-betweens, or middlemen.

Our Solution

Our team organized a micro-service architecture with a modular structure.

The app enables users to interact with 4 main components of the industry: the CeFi custodial wallet that features asset staking and storing; the DeFi non-custodial wallet which provides access to Dapps; the NeoBanking experience that allows for the creation of active bank accounts, debit card support, and lending & borrowing of various assets and a user adaptive A.I. driven Robo-Advisory which provides financial insights, industry news, and user education.


Our current BlockBank App is available globally on the Apple App and Google Play store now.