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We constantly stay updated with the latest advancements in the blockchain space. Web3 and blockchain ecosystem.
At Web3soft, we cater to a diverse range of industries and verticals, providing tailored blockchain solutions that address specific needs and unlock new possibilities.
We believe in the power of collaboration. We work closely with our clients, forging strong partnerships to ensure that their goals and requirements are met.

How we helped the company become a market leader with the help of a reliable and secure blockchain

Crypto Unit

A project of a blockchain platform

for the international MLM network

About client
The CryptoUnit project is an innovative training program based on training from the Academy of a Private Investor, created to enable anyone, even with minimal funds, to acquire up-to-date knowledge on investing and personal finance management and become a co-owner of the Global Portfolio operating in 20 market segments and sectors, and which includes the most profitable and promising enterprises on the planet.
SpringCloud, ZooKeeper, Kafka, Groovy+ Java (50%/ 50%),
NodeJS, BitCoin, EOS, ERC 20, Monero, LiteCoin,
Postgre, Redis, ClickHouse, React, Kubernetes
Business Challenge

  • Create an innovative program on which users can learn, gain relevant investment and personal finance management knowledge and become a member of the Closed Club of progressively thinking people
  • Develop a scalable and secure platform based on blockchain technology and smart contracts.

Web3soft team has developed a scalable solution for secure data storage and sharing.

  • We built Fork EOS of the Cryptounit blockchain
  • Created 4 coins based on the CryptoUnit blockchain (USDU, CRU, Untb, WCRU)
  • Designed tokenomics, smart contracts for the CryptoUnit blockchain and its coins
  • Developed blockchain explorer and crypto wallet, integrated with the Unitex.one exchange for depositing/withdrawing funds based on CryptoUnit tokens.

How do we work
Objectives & purpose
Scope, Budget

Development & QA
Post Deployment
Key Results

  • Our team developed and launched an innovative Crypto Unit platform
  • We designed tokenomics, smart contracts for the Crypto Unit blockchain and its coins
  • Today, thanks to the joint work of the capital of partners, the project includes companies operating in 20 segments and sectors of the investment market
  • Crypto Unit is #1 MLM company in the CIS, Europe and Asia.
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