How we helped the company become a market leader with the help of a reliable and secure blockchain

Crypto Unit

A project of a blockchain platform

for the international MLM network

About client
The CryptoUnit project is an innovative training program based on training from the Academy of a Private Investor, created to enable anyone, even with minimal funds, to acquire up-to-date knowledge on investing and personal finance management and become a co-owner of the Global Portfolio operating in 20 market segments and sectors, and which includes the most profitable and promising enterprises on the planet.
SpringCloud, ZooKeeper, Kafka, Groovy+ Java (50%/ 50%),
NodeJS, BitCoin, EOS, ERC 20, Monero, LiteCoin,
Postgre, Redis, ClickHouse, React, Kubernetes
Business Challenge

  • Create an innovative program on which users can learn, gain relevant investment and personal finance management knowledge and become a member of the Closed Club of progressively thinking people
  • Develop a scalable and secure platform based on blockchain technology and smart contracts.

Web3soft team has developed a scalable solution for secure data storage and sharing.

  • We built Fork EOS of the Cryptounit blockchain
  • Created 4 coins based on the CryptoUnit blockchain (USDU, CRU, Untb, WCRU)
  • Designed tokenomics, smart contracts for the CryptoUnit blockchain and its coins
  • Developed blockchain explorer and crypto wallet, integrated with the exchange for depositing/withdrawing funds based on CryptoUnit tokens.

How do we work
Objectives & purpose
Scope, Budget

Development & QA
Post Deployment
Key Results

  • Our team developed and launched an innovative Crypto Unit platform
  • We designed tokenomics, smart contracts for the Crypto Unit blockchain and its coins
  • Today, thanks to the joint work of the capital of partners, the project includes companies operating in 20 segments and sectors of the investment market
  • Crypto Unit is #1 MLM company in the CIS, Europe and Asia.
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