How we helped to find new sales channels with enhanced security of users’ transactions and crypto assets


An ultra secure app that combines a crypto wallet, private messenger and file storage

About client
Entheca is a top software development company with specialization in information security. Over the past 15 years, they have focused on data protection research. Crypto and blockchain technologies have become a new milestone in the company’s history.
Java (Spring Boot), Javascript (React Native), AWS, Redis, MySQL, MongoDB
Docker/Kubernetes, S3, Messenger: getstream integration
2022 - current
Business Challenge

  • Create an innovative powerful crypto bank for business from scratch
  • Ensure complete security and secrecy of users’ crypto assets, private keys and data
  • Improve existing customers retention rate
  • Stand out from competitors.
Web3soft team has built an ultra secure powerful crypto bank for business that combines a crypto wallet, private messenger and file storage.

We have developed and integrated:

  • Secure and stable multi-wallet to manage your fiat & crypto assets
  • NFC-based hardware security (NFC Cybercard)
  • Protected Cloud Storage
  • Super private messenger combining end-to-end encryption with P2P messaging
  • Decentralized Web3 browser (extra)
  • NFT marketplace (extra).

How do we work
Objectives & purpose
Scope & Budget

Post Deployment
Key Results

  • We form a concise and detailed UX and UI strategies and created a unique app design
  • Designed crypto finance tokenomics
  • Integrated an ultrafast NFC-based hardware security to control and manage digital asset.
  • We launch an innovative product and help an app to be on the top of the list in stores. Our software solution helped to boost sales and increase revenue by 58%.

Now we are currently working on adding decentralized Web3 browser and NFT marketplace.
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