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How we helped to increase in customer engagement and sales with launch a feature-rich NFT marketplace


NFT marketplace for selling digital arts

About client
Metalan is an NFT marketplace for selling digital arts.
Java 15, Spring, Mybatis, Web3j, Liquibase, Docker, Nginx
JSON Web Token (JWT), MySQL, React v.17, Redux, Next js v.10, Antd UI, Typescript, Jira, AWS, GitHub Actions, Kamatera, IPFS - Infura
2021 - current
Business Challenge

  • Сreate user-friendly and intuitive NFT Marketplace where NFTs can be stored, displayed, traded and minted
  • Develop and integrate VR experience
  • Stand out from competitors and increase in customer engagement and sales.
Web3soft team has built
a convenient platform where NFTs can be stored, displayed, traded, and minted (created).

Users can view all the available collections, information about creators and owners, and terms of purchase.

Now we are currently working on adding auction and VR features.

How do we work
Objectives & purpose
Scope, Budget

Development & QA
Post Deployment
Key Results

  • Our team created a unique NFT marketplace design to provide users with a comfortable, intuitive experience of managing their non-fungible tokens
  • We develop a smart contract from scratch to automate the process of NFT management
  • We create VR gallery to provide users with personalized immersive experience and induces the feeling of being in a real gallery

Metalan is still in beta. It will be likely out for all operating systems very soon.

In addition our team can also offer your business a customised NFT Marketplace based on Metalan in a short time.

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