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The role of marketing & PR in the Metaverse

Whether realize it or not the Metaverse has already arrived… Today technological innovations and everyone's attention is focused on blockchain, web3 services, NFT and virtual assets. And it's no a secret that marketers come there where trends and innovations are. Web3soft marketing team explained what opportunities and advantages virtual spaces will bring to brands.

A Metaverse: definition and concept

The Metaverse defined as a global digital space that combines physical, augmented and virtual reality. All the interactions and communications take place in VR headsets, in which people are virtually located in the same room or any other place.

The idea of the metaverse is a new step in integration of offline and online life. And if today all websites, games, social networks, marketplaces and apps work separately, in the near future the development of technologies will cause full merger of all these ecosystems into one. Metaverses will allow users to roam in virtual reality as freely as in the physical world.

In simple terms, the metaverse is a new level of infrastructure that will connect all the user's devices and his real life.

Why do brands need Metaverses?

Marketing and advertising in the Metaverse is a paradise for content creators, marketers and PR mans. There is no any information noise here and the audience is involved fully. It will be very difficult for user to refocus his attention from advertising content, as if he's using a smartphone or PC. It means that people will most likely read and perceive the brand's message.

Advanced companies and marketers have already benefiting from virtual worlds promotion and sales.

Virtual goods and stores

According to consulting companies, in 2021 the volume of sales of virtual goods on gaming platforms amounted to $100 billion. This number will grow many times and that’s a very conservative estimate.

Without leaving home, customers will be able to hold virtual versions of real goods in their hands that will help to reduce the number of refunds and eliminate the obstacles of online shopping. Many well-known companies like Coca-Cola, Hyindai, Lays, Louis Vuitton have already created social connections in the Metaverse to maintain their awareness, brand loyalty and grow sales.

In addition, people will purchase unique items for their online avatars.
VIP access

Major clothing brands produce NFT collections and sell art and virtual real estate in the form of NFTs. NFT is an exclusive digital certificate that allows companies to present themselves and provide users with new unique experience and valuable asset.

D2C Strategy

The D2C (direct-to-customer) e-commerce sales means direct interaction with buyers through mobile applications, social networks, Metaverses and other channels without intermediaries. Thus, shopper journey will begin in the Metaverse and end in the real world like an order with delivery in mobile app or marketplace.

Event marketing

In the Metaverse and virtual reality people can communicate, visit galleries, concerts, conferences the same as in real world and even today nobody get surprised about 3D galleries, VR tours and online shows.

During the pandemic when the whole event market was undergoing one of the most radical transformation online shows became a real find. They were almost the only marketing channel and communication opportunity and had received a major revamp.

New educational tools

Students and youth actively prove that gamification is one the powerful form of learning, creativity and self-expression.

Virtualization of education reduces overhead costs, involves in the educational process and improves the quality of online learning. Just imagine, what could be more interesting and fun than, for example, studying the Cape of Good Hope virtually staying right on the African continent?!


Personalization and product configuration is one more advantage that brands extract from the Metaverse.

Product configurator is a tool that purchaser can use to adjust the product to his requires in real time. Thus, a customer gets the opportunity to understand whether this product is really what he needs and note unobtrusive and tactful service to which he will want to come back.

Brand-new audience

Selling virtual goods, skins, in-game products is a way to attract a young audience, which is likely to be the main part of users and "the residents" of the Metaverse.


The Metaverse promises to be a super favorable environment for marketing and PR. It will increase the emotional involvement of users and become a truly powerful and effective sales and advertising channel.

Actually, you can consider the Metaverse an exciting future or you can consider it hopeless. But more and more brands, experts and critics agree on something else – it's profitable.