How we helped to engage the audience and increase retention through the development of NFT services


Community-first platform for artists, collectors and curators

About client
Vernissage is a global community of emerging artists, collectors and curators. Observing the hype around non fungible tokens, the company aims to enter global markets, attract investors, and generate revenue with NFT services.
Business Challenge

  • Create a digital platform for all art creators and lovers, not only the tech-savvy.
  • Build NFT marketplace for a global community
  • Make basic Bot settings

Since the company targeted global markets, it searched for scalability, high availability, fault tolerance, and performance.
Web3soft team organised a digital community to empower artists to showcase their work and connect with a global audience.

We developed and launched:

  • Vernissage user-friendly web platform
  • NFT marketplace for selling digital arts
  • Bot settings for successful promotion and connect with potential buyers in real-time in Telegram.

How do we work
Project discovery

Scope, budget

QA testing
Post Deployment
Key Results

  • Our team developed and launched an innovative Vernissage platform that brings a fresh perspective to the digital art world
  • We organized NFT marketplace for selling digital arts
  • Following recommendations provided by our team, the client was able to engage the audience and increase retention.
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