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Web3 & Metaverse trends

that will go big in 2023

Metaverse is the word that defines marketing in 2023. Mike Danilchyk, cryptoexpert and CTO of Web3soft, leading blockchain company, tells about trends that you should look to follow in 2023.

Virtual goods as a way of communication and sales testing

Already today key companies release digital versions of their real collections to establish a presence in a virtual world. They also present absolute novelties to pre-sale their goods and services and test the market.

By releasing a product in the Metaverse, brands will analyze demand and consumer behaviour, and only then start the physical production in the real world. Such an opportunity allows us to be more environmentally friendly and abandon the production of products that are obviously unsuccessful for sale.
Workspace and virtual offices in the Metaverse

The office of the future is in the Metaverse. AR and VR technologies will continue to evolve intensively. And most likely in 2023 we will have a more exciting meeting environment where we can talk, brainstorm and create together.

In the coming year, we will also see much more advanced avatar creating tools. Digital avatars will be able to reflect human intelligence and emotions to interact with other users in the Metaverse very soon.

Immersive virtual events

The next trending topic is virtual events. Businesses can use it for knowledge sharing, lead generation and interaction with the audience. Metaverse shows allow you to attract a large number of people to a particular brand or product. Inside the digital world, you can implement any creative activity, idea, giving people invaluable experience.

But it is important to remember that to achieve the set goals you should select only the target audience, otherwise, the result will be unsatisfactory.

  • An excellent example of such a useful and effective event in the Metaverse is the Bionabu Medtech Orientation Summit. Bionabu is World’s First MedTech Expert Knowledge Marketplace. Bionabu team has created a a unique virtual space where every participant or expert can train, communicate, network with MedTech innovators, professionals, investors, walk through virtual rooms choosing the most comfortable to work, view docs, attached presentations and ads. Bionabu Medtech Orientation online workshop will take place in this virtual space. In my view, this is a really cool illustration of how a regular online meeting for Medtech professionals and experts can become an incredibly interesting adventure, which will definitely maximize the involvement of participants, increase brand loyalty and create new unforgettable experience.

Animation of illustrations

Animated illustrations is another Metaverse tool for capturing users' attention. Animation options can be very different: from minimalistic contour images to complete artworks and GIFs.

Live animated content is used to increase the interactivity of page loading, product presentation, and demonstration of infographics - everything that allows you to make the user experience much more interesting, memorable and longer.
Digital health and medical education in the Metaverse

As the digital world becomes more accessible and popular, medical clinics and pharmacies are bringing their services to the Metaverse. The development of the Metaverse will fundamentally alter modern medicine as we know it.

It will also greatly benefit the remote medical treatment of patients, upgrade secure authentication processes, change the existing medical treatment and allow surgical teams to learn new procedures without having to be physically in the same operating room.

  • Find out how the blockchain works in the world of medicine and life science HERE.
Virtual Schools and Courses

Education and training in the Metaverse offer more immersion and engagement than online learning. By putting on VR glasses, students will be able to attend virtual classes without leaving home.

Lessons in the Metaverse will make educational process fun and effortless, offer real-time feedback, and enhances the overall learning experience. With the Metaverse, gamification comes to life more than ever, as users are not just playing a game; they are inside the game!

Combining VR or AR equipment and the endless possibilities of the metaverse, teachers and instructors can create game-based activities that learners can complete in thoroughly realistic environments.


NFTs will remain popular next year. This technology confirms the authorship of digital products, which is important for protecting the rights of artists and content makers and increasing the value of digital items.

Today, many brands use NFT art only as a way to promote their business. But in the foreseeable future, this technology can completely transform such markets as, real estate, investments, insurance, logistics, cars completely.

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If we draw conclusions globally, based on the entire study, then it is one and very short: the Metaverse is coming. A lot of things are not very relevant for us yet, a lot of things will not come soon, and in the regions very soon. But we would definitely not ignore it and I recommend taking a closer look.

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